Archery is the skill of using an arc for firing arrows.

As a sport, it is one of the oldest we know as historically archery occurs in the Palaeolithic era. In particular, in Greece, it appears in the Minoan and Mycenaean times. They used arches of wood, horn and tendons.

In the new era archery became one of the Olympic sports. It was introduced from the earliest to the newer Olympic Games in 1900 with a major interruption from 1920 until 1972.

Two arc categories

There are two arc categories, the Olympic and the composite arcs.

Only athletes fighting an Olympic bowl take part in the Olympic Games. Each athlete is categorized according to his age. The distance to which the athletes compete changes depending on the kind and the category to which each athlete belongs.

For example, in the Olympic Games the official distance is seventy meters. The official distances for the women category are 70m – 60m – 50m – 30m. For the men category is 90m – 70m – 50m – 30m. The goal consists of ten circles, five different colors (yellow, red, blue, black, white) from the inside out. Each cycle represents a number of points.


Archery, depending on the equipment, rules and venue, is divided into various types of competitions, with most popular the following:

Target Archery
It is the most popular form of the sport and is distinguished in open and closed space.

In the open space the aiming is at a fixed target consisting of concentric graded circles and a predetermined distance. The target diameter is 122cm for the counter and 80cm for the composite bow.

In the enclosed space, the specified distances are 18m & 25m and the shot is either in a triple vertical target of 20cm in diameter or in a single target of 40cm diameter.

Field Archery
It is carried out in an open field of multiple targets and distances, integrated into the natural environment with the corresponding variations in the nature and the slope of the terrain, the obstacles, the natural lighting and the shadowing of the targets. Usually the distances are not predetermined, and this is the biggest challenge for the correct shot.

3D Archery
Flat targets are replaced by three-dimensional (3D) models or natural-size statues, in field archery.

Clout Archery
In this type of archery, the target is parallel to the ground and is distinguished by a flag on it. Around the flag is defined the scoring zones and the usual shooting distances exceed 100m turning each shot into a real challenge even for the most experienced archer.

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